Hey all you beautiful people! So in my English class, we are reading The Count of Monte Cristo.
brawl and count pic
My teacher has the divided the book into four sections. After each section, we have a Socratic Seminar, but this Socratic Seminar is a bit different. Everyone is in groups of four and one person from each group is selected to go in the circle for the seminar the day of the seminar. So nobody knows who’s going to be in the circle until the last minute. In the seminar, each person in the circle has to answer a question that the teacher directly asks them and reply/add in information to another person’s answer. We get two days to prepare for the seminar and he gives us a set of questions that will be asked in the seminar. It’s usually around 25 questions, but in the actual seminar, he picks about 6 or 7 of them to ask the people. My teacher calls it a B.R.A.W.L. (Battle Royale All Will Learn).
So this week, I was selected to be in the seminar… So I’m not the kind of person who talks in class. I’m more of the quiet person in the back.
So my group answered MOST of the questions for the seminar. We didn’t answer five out of the twenty five and were hoping that he didn’t ask those certain questions. So when we were “brawling”, he asked those EXACT questions that we didn’t answer, so I couldn’t get ANY replies in. It was just really, REALLY bad luck.. So yeah, that was my Socratic Seminar experience. I was pretty sad after that. If you have any similar experiences, feel free to tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading! I’ll talk to you later! Bye!


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