Youtuber of the Month: Landon Stahmer!

Hey all you beautiful people! So, sorry I’m a little late on Youtuber of the Month… But at least I did it! So this month we are going to talk about Landon Stahmer!


I first learned about Landon in his friend’s, Gabe, video. Here’s the video if you’re interested.

Here is his welcome to my channel video:

So Landon is from Nebraska and he’s a singer. He first started out his YouTube career with his friend Raul. They had a series called “Roomates Web Series”. It’s hilarious. There about about maybe.. fifty-ish videos in the series.. I think.. I don’t know, I’ll have to re-check that.. Anyways, each video is about a couple minutes long and they feature Landon (the sane one. Lol) and his roomate, Raul (the not so sane one. Lol.) So here are some of my favorites from the series!

So the series recently ended at about December of 2013 and Landon kinda changed the channel to make it his own. It is currently his singing and vlogging channel. It’s not just your average singing though. It’s acapella covers! Here are some of my favorites!

And as I mentioned before, it’s also a vlogging channel. So basically, one week he does a cover and the next week would be a vlog. Here are some of my favorite vlogs!

Oh and I almost forgot! He also makes other kinds of videos. It doesn’t really have a category though. Here they are:

Well, I guess this is the end of the Youtuber of the Month. Why don’t you go check out his channel and tell him I sent you there! Here’s his channel!

Landon’s Channel

Well, thanks for reading! Bye!

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