All Quiet on the Western Front

Hey all you beautiful people! So my class just finished reading All Quiet on the Western Front. It was a really good book and it was easy to comprehend. It was really sad at the end though. I wasn’t expecting such a sad ending. But then again, it’s war, it’s supposed to be sad. I found it funny that while I was reading the book, my history class was learning about World War I too. I think my favorite character was Kat. I think it’s because he could find food so easily. I need a friend like that. I would love to find food anywhere I go. All the food… Yum…  Gosh.. I’m hungry now.. I’m in the mood for In-N-Out. I would really like a double-double with animal fries. Yup. That sounds amazing right now… ANYWAYS…. hehe… So, um, yeah. You guys should read the book. And if you have already read it, you should tell me who your favorite character is in the comments below! Thanks for reading! Oh and here’s a picture of the book!

all quiet on the western front

Anyways… bye!

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