My Innovation Project

Hey all you beautiful people! So… my group and I have changed our what if/innovation project because of various reasons. First of all, we didn’t really have the funds for it. Secondly, we weren’t sure how it could connect to what we’re learning in class. There’s many more reasons but I don’t really want to go into it right now. So, since the zombie apocalypse day idea failed, we came up with a new project.

Our teacher was having a mish mash day and was explaining the things we could do for mish mash. He had four different options:

  • Draw a picture and incorporate an object in it. See my mish mash drawing here —> Mish Mash
  • Create a new way of giving homework
  • Create a new way of blogging
  • Make little slips of paper of ideas to give to another teacher that had a gumball like machine that dispenses ideas

When he said the last one, it hit us. We were gonna get one for our class. We told him our idea and he said it was ok. So far, we already have the money for the machine and the capsules. We just need ideas to put in the capsules now. So if any of you have any ideas, please tell me in the comments below! Thanks! Bye!>

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