Hey all you beautiful people! I’m back! Today in my English class, we did something called MishMash. It’s something my teacher made up. We could do one or a combination of these four things:
1. Find another creative way to blog.
2. There’s a toy dispenser machine that is in a class and instead of toys, it dispenses ideas, quotes, things to do when you’re bored. Anyways, we could write things that could go in the idea dispenser.
3. Draw something and use whatever that is in your pocket to be part of the drawing.
4. Lastly, make homework sheets look awesome.

I decided to do #3. So this is what I drew!
Dumbo drawing. so proud of myself. i actually drew it well wooooo
I hope you guys like it and I will see you all next time! Next week, I will be posting a new Youtuber of the Month! So BYE!


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