YouTuber of the Month: Markiplier!!

Hello everyone! I’ve decided on moving the Youtuber of the Month to Monday because all of my other posts are on Monday so it’ll be consecutive. This month, I’ll be talking about Mark Fischbach! AKA Markiplier!

Mark's picture...

Mark has over 1,000 videos and over 1,000,000 subscribers. Not only does he play games for a living, he does a bunch of charity work. He does like 10 (possibly even longer) hour livestreams. He raises money for cancer. (I don’t know what kind of cancer.) Now, I would tell you about his life but he already made a video about it. So if you would like to know what he’s been through, you should watch this video below. (You should watch it, it’s really sad. I cried.)

So.. Mark has made tons of videos. In his videos, he has played Surgeon Simulator, Minecraft. Amnesia, Happy Wheels, Slender, Prop Hunt, RPG games, and various other games. Here are some videos:

Not only does he play games and do charity work, he also makes animated short films! Here’s one of them.

So… I couldn’t decide which video to show you so… Here’s another one!!!

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of his videos, you should subscribe!! Here’s the link below!

I hope you guys enjoyed this segment in Youtuber of the Month! I’m not sure who to write about next month. I’m deciding between Tyler Oakley and Hunter March. Tell me in the comments which one you would like me to write about! Bye!

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