Oedipus Plays

So, in my English class, we’ve been reading Sophocles’ Oedipus Plays. Its actually really interesting. It’s better than other books I have had to read in my other English classes.

oedipus blogpost

It’s basically about a man named Oedipus. He is the King of Thebes and when he was born, there was a prophecy that he was going to kill his father and marry his mother when he grows up. His mother then abandoned him and someone eventually decided to take care of him. As he grew up, he thought that his guardian was his actual father. He then heard about the prophecy so he got scared and fled the country. Along the way, he encountered a stranger and guards. He ended up killing all of them. He then found himself in Thebes and became the king. He married a nice lady and had children. Later on, he finds out that his “father” wasn’t actually his father. His father was the stranger he killed on his way to Thebes and his wife was actually his mother. He thought he could escape the prophecy but he was wrong. It ended up coming true. The rest of the plays follow him and how he deals with it. I’m not going to ruin the rest for you guys. You’ll have to read the rest yourself. I found myself enjoying the book and I’m sure most of you out there will too!


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