Youtuber of the Month: Tobuscus! (updated 11/18/13)

Hello once again audience! Yes, I stole that intro from Tobuscus. I couldn’t think of my own, so for now, let’s go with that. Hope he doesn’t mind…Welcome to Youtuber of the Month! Every month, I will talk about one of my favorite youtubers! I’m thinking about doing this on the second Friday of every month. So tell me what you guys think about it!

This month, I’ve decided to talk about Toby Turner! Toby has three channels: his main channel “Tobuscus”, his personal channel “TobyTurner”, and his gaming channel “TobyGames”. I will link all of his channels at the bottom, just in case you guys decide to check him out. However, he is not just a youtuber. He’s a musician, comedian, and actor. He plays Nerville in “Annoying Orange” on Cartoon Network.


I found out about Toby through another Youtuber. One of my other favorite youtubers is Shane Dawson. Shane posts a video every Friday about a new game his fans wants him to play. One time, he played Happy Wheels. After watching Shane’s video, I saw another video about Happy Wheels and watched that too. Turns out that the person who made that video was, the one and only, Toby! Couple weeks after, I found out about his other two channels. I soon became obsessed with his videos.

Let’s talk about his main channel, Tobuscus, first. Tobuscus consists of rants, song parodies, original songs, Cartoon Network commercials, Toby’s dog (Gryphon), dancing, and, my personal favorite, the Tobuscus Animated Adventures. Toby writes his own songs and they’re usually pointless, but hilarious. My favorite song of his would have to be “Get Bloody”. Here is the video:

Here’s Toby dancing.

Here’s my favorite rant video of his.

Here’s a cartoon network commercial of his.

As I said before, he makes Cartoon Network commercials. Almost all of them include his “talking” dog, Gryphon. Usually, he and his dog are in a small argument. Toby usually loses. Anyway, now on to my favorite part of Tobuscus, the Tobuscus Animated Adventures! The adventures always feature Toby, his friend (Gabe or Gabuscus) and, sometimes, Gryphon. Some adventures include going to Canada, going to Dead Island, and killing a bunch of zombies that have taken over the world. Here is one of the episodes:

He has recently gained 5 million subscribers and he made a video thanking the fans. Here it is.

Next up is his gaming channel, TobyGames. He has way more videos on TobyGames than Tobuscus. He uploads about 2-3 videos a day on TobyGames. On TobyGames, he plays Happy Wheels, GTA V, Minecraft, iSketch, Amnesia, Surgeon Simulator and more! My favorite series is his Minecraft series. He creates “Fortbuscus” and travels to different worlds. He animates the character and inanimate objects with ridiculous voices. He sings songs that go along with the background music in the game. Overall, it’s hilarious.

Here are some videos of his!

The last one we are going to be talking about is his personal/vlog channel, TobyTurner. He talks about what he should do next and about his new game that he’s making. The game he’s making is about zombies taking over the world! It reminds me of my innovation project in my English class. My group and I are doing a Zombie-Apocalypse Tag/Hide-and-Seek Day! We are still working on it though. Anyways, on this channel, he basically just talks about his day and any upcoming events that are going to happen.

Here’s a video from this channel.

He also does some really funny Instagram videos that he also uploads onto Youtube. Here’s one of them.

Anyways, now that you know about Toby, you should check him out! Like I said before, the links are down there just waiting for you to click on them! I hope you enjoyed this and tell me if I should keep doing this! Thank you for reading! Bless your face. If you sneezed during this blog post, bless you. Peace off!


Tobuscus Channel

TobyGames Channel

TobyTurner Channel


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